About Us


More than 10 years have found that in Romania Alibunar settlement this fruit of the earth ,, Truffles' foods most prestigious in the world, a rare thing indeed valuable whose charm will not end. Through research, study and analysis, we managed to find the truffle in Romania tastes superior quality of harvested in other countries, Our company won a trufiera experience in both industry and knowledge of forest ecosystems in almost all counties of Romania. As curiosity of this treasure of the earth growing and we set associative truffle pickers under the name ,, EAST EUROPE ASSOCIATION '', the main aim of the association is providing care nose worship its members information and guidelines for searching and truffle special protection, to safeguard the environment, areas where truffles grow to not deplete their annual development, and protection of forest ecosystems pride
We are a firm of collection and distribution of white and black truffles, wild mushrooms, berries, carefully selected and controlled in order to pay a lower premium customers, whose quality is guaranteed, the system is based on direct sales command
In collaboration with world-renowned urban group TARTUFI importing products from truffles and truffle dishes made by URBANI TARTUFI.În long history of innovation, it created Urbani also special lines of products. Organic products, preserves, creams, sauces, spices, all made with raw materials from organic farming. With this brief introduction we address all our customers and passionate gourmets and culinary artistry chefs being able to buy these products directly from our company without intermediari.Contactati us !!!